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About the author:

Hello, my name is Roland. I was born in Salzburg, Austria, and I grew up in a small town north of Salzburg.  As a youth, I spent a great deal of time in the Salzkammergut, but I never gave much thought to Hallstatt and its importance to European Culture and History, not even the history of the Salzkammergut.

That changed after I left Austria, and I started to learn about Hallstatt, its ancient culture and history, in a place far removed from home.  The more I learned the more I became interested, and by the time Hallstatt was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, I was hooked. It’s not just that Hallstatt is uniquely beautiful, even by Salzkammergut standards. After all, there are other places in the Region just as beautiful.

In my mind Hallstatt goes way beyond beauty: Bronze Age miners, Iron Age necropolis, Kelts, Romans, Habsburg factory town, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Painted Skulls, Tourist Mecca, a landscape shrouded as much in myth and legend as in mist and rain – Hallstatt is all of that and more. I find it fascinating and worth exploring.

I’m not an expert on Hallstatt archeology, or history for that matter, my background is biology, and my work deals more with environmental planning and conservation biology than with the history and culture of European people. But I read, and to make sense of what I read, I write.

This blog is an exploration of Hallstatt, and I invite you to follow along.  We’ll all learn something along the way.  It’s not that information about Hallstatt isn’t available, but not all that much can be found in English, and what can be found doesn’t go far beyond run-of-the-mill tourist info, unless you want to dig deeper.

I’m doing a little digging, and I’ll share what I find.  I also possess a knowledge of the region – a feel for the place and its people – that’s a little different from that of a star struck tourist. As a consequence, I hope the next time we visit Hallstatt, we’ll see more and have a deeper relationship to the place.

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  1. Anna says:

    Hello Roland,

    Great articles! You are so lucky to have been born near this area!
    I only recently found out about Hallstatt after I saw a photo of it from a friend’s holiday photos. I remember the photo because I painted it when I was a child and thought it was some fairytale photo from a film. I didn’t realise until last week that it was a real place! So I was very happy to discover this and now I want to visit, but not for just a few days.

    I would like to learn more about the area, history and live in Hallstatt for a week or more if possible. I was wondering if you knew of any volunteering or jobs available for EU Nationals (I’m from London with a British Passport) that would allow me to stay and work/volunteer while I’m there?
    I am a qualified ESL and IELTS English teacher in London but I don’t think there are any English schools in Hallstatt? I also have a degree in Mathematics and Computing so I sometimes teach maths to children. I also used to design websites, fix internet problems, fix databases, fix broken/crashed computers and laptops. So I could do something IT related. I also used to work in corporate hospitality, serving guests at events and working in the Marketing department for an international consultancy company in London so I am great with customer service and tourists.

    I am an experienced traveller so I have many other skills too. I have worked in lodges and hostels, cleaning, preparing breakfast, checking-in guests, taking guests for local walks and lots of farming and gardening. I have done about 4 months of WWOOFing (volunteering on organic hobby farms) in Australia, working on organic farms and also providing home-cooked meals and home-schooling for families at a farm.
    I also love scuba diving and snorkelling as I have dived many times in Australia. In New Zealand I did the 4 day overnight hike in Milford Sound in my flip-flops/sandals because my hiking boots were wet from jumping behind a waterfall the day before but my feet were fine! So I am a strong walker! I have been involved in many conservation projects in Australia such as tree planting and landscaping too.

    I used to WWOOF in countries when I wanted to stay longer than a week but I don’t think there are any WWOOF hosts in this area.

    I don’t mind doing anything really, so as long as I can spend a few weeks to enjoy Hallstatt, to enjoy it as a local and not as a tourist. It can be simple such as cleaning and cooking or helping a tour company with tourists for a few days. I am willing to volunteer and not be paid for this work in exchange for accommodation. It would be like a dream from my childhood coming true.

    So, if you know a way to find jobs or volunteering projects for people like me, I would be grateful to hear from you. I don’t expect any salary, just a place to stay while I work and I am flexible with how long I can stay since I am self-employed, from 1 week or more (it can be a year if I fall in love with the place).

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    Kind regards,


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